Mobile Sports Betting

Online sports betting has been popular for the past decade but now mobile sports betting is fast becoming the very best way to place bets on sporting events. Mobile betting is gaining ground quickly upon the online betting field. It is since the innovation and the introduction of the Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform that betting whilst on the move has really taken off.

The online sportsbooks are slowly introducing mobile sports betting apps, making betting on the move simple and fast. You can now bet on millions of markets and sporting events from your smartphone whilst out and about.

Using the mobile phone you can place a wager on one of the many sporting markets, this is really handy if you want to place a bet when out with the wife shopping or taking the children to the park. In fact it is possible to bet from anywhere and at any time when previously punters would not have been able to, due to the lack of computer. It is the innovative advance in cell phone technology which has turned the mobile phone into a mini portable computer that is changing the way we bet forever.

One concern with betting whilst on the road is the security of the mobile sportsbook account details as well as any debit or credit cards details you use to place bets. Trusted sportsbooks have developed the very latest security for mobile betting so be rest assured your details will be as safe as the latest technology. Mobile sportsbooks want your money to be safe becuae if it isn't no one one bet in this way.

The same innovations that have led to mobile betting have led to iPad betting. iPad apps or applications allow punters to place wagers from there iPad. This technology is very similar to that found on the iPhone.

For those that what to know why betting from other handsets is more difficult will find that it is due to the technology of the phone. JAVA and WAP based technology is too slow and clunky for the speed required for the web browser on older mobile phone technology.

Not all sportsbooks have iPhone and Android specific apps but they have websites that are compatible with both of these phones. Sportsbooks are always trying to stay on top of the betting market, they want to beat their competitors in releasing the latest apps and gain new punters.

Due to the competition to gain new punters mobile sportsbooks offer some great bonuses. Punters are advised to take advantage of these bonuses as it is a great way to obtain free bets.

Knowing which mobile betting app to download can be tricky. Apps need to be safe, secure, innovative, offer live streaming of races, games and matches as well as have as many markets as possible. It is a good idea to download a few betting apps so that odds can be compared and the best one selected as a way to win the most money.

Mobile sports betting is the latest way to place wagers, however finding a safe and secure site that has the best apps can be confusing. gives honest and non-biased reviews about mobile betting sites. If you are looking to find out which is the best sports betting app for football, boxing, golf or a whole host of other sports then take a look at this site.


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